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Why Are Our Rural Communities Only Good For Boosting Vote Counts?

One thing we are hopeful the current dispensation will accomplish better than the previous one is delivering the goods to the poor rural communities of the Gambia, after all President Barrow rode on the back of their support and sacrifice to get to the State House. Picking up where the PPP government of Sir Dawda… Continue reading Why Are Our Rural Communities Only Good For Boosting Vote Counts?

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System Change Vs. Regime Change

Sometimes one cannot help but wonder if there is a deliberate and calculated attempt designed to undermine The Gambia’s new found and much deserved freedom, or simply an orchestrated plot to disfavor some and any role they may play in the future. Clearly ignorance can be discounted as a premise for some of the narratives… Continue reading System Change Vs. Regime Change


Understanding The Gambian Political Landscape

Like everywhere else across Africa, Gambians resisted the imposition of alien values and morals on their societies. The institution of colonialism was resisted in all its forms and manifestations; even in such subtleties as refusing to enroll one’s kids in schools. People never willingly surrender their sovereignty to any person or authority without certain considerations;… Continue reading Understanding The Gambian Political Landscape


Do Not Commit Political Suicide Before You Launch

After delivering them from the Pharaoh and his tyrannical ways, the Israelites started questioning Moses immediately, even doubting his claims. Both versions of the narrative from the Islamic and Christian perspective, spoke of the defiance and resistance Moses had to contend with from the Israelites. Maybe they were on edge or nervous about surrendering their… Continue reading Do Not Commit Political Suicide Before You Launch