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Of African Spirituality and Conventional Religion

With the anti-Arab sentiment rising among black Africans on the heels of the inhumane treatment and enslavement of black Africans in Libya and across the Middle East, the debate has taken a new turn on social media, at least among Gambians (surprise!). The new narrative is the stance of Islam on slavery, the history of… Continue reading Of African Spirituality and Conventional Religion

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Your Mistakes Do Not Define Who You Are

We can all agree that when despair and distress strikes, we should empathize and be moved to action to better the conditions of those in distress as quickly as we can. In this lies the disappointment many felt towards the government, especially the National Disaster Management Committee. Granted the chief executive was indisposed at the… Continue reading Your Mistakes Do Not Define Who You Are

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Yaya Jammeh Awoke This Sense Of Patriotism

Seems the current narrative is set to endure for a while; “tribalism this, tribalism that, that’s tribalist, you’re a tribalist, blah blah blah... We won’t delve into what tribalism really means for it matters little to those who choose to stick to it to further their agenda. But it seems also that we are averse… Continue reading Yaya Jammeh Awoke This Sense Of Patriotism

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System Change Vs. Regime Change

Sometimes one cannot help but wonder if there is a deliberate and calculated attempt designed to undermine The Gambia’s new found and much deserved freedom, or simply an orchestrated plot to disfavor some and any role they may play in the future. Clearly ignorance can be discounted as a premise for some of the narratives… Continue reading System Change Vs. Regime Change

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The People Will Resist ‘Democracy’

If we lose sight of, or fail to deeply reflect on the evolution of politics and governance systems in Africa, we only create room for replacing one authoritarian leader with another. As long as we cite western value systems as models in our quest to strengthen democracy, the people will resist that encroachment on their… Continue reading The People Will Resist ‘Democracy’